Pokémon Go sees first car insurance claims roll in

Pokémon Go sees first car insurance claims roll in | Insurance Business

Pokémon Go sees first car insurance claims roll in
Chasing Pokémon has distracted drivers getting into car crashes, opening up important financial ramifications in car insurance.

The augmented-reality app Pokémon Go, which has recently taken the world by storm, is causing distracted users to engage in unsafe behaviour – like dangerous driving, reported Mozo.   

According to an ABC report, a west Brisbane panel beater Darren Holmes has received his first, and most probably not his last, Pokémon Go-related car repair after a female driver in Toowoomba crashed her car while using the app. The incident took place barely a week after the game’s Australian launch.

“There were cars pulled over everywhere obviously chasing Pokémon,” Holmes told ABC.

"It's only minor so it's not a major accident but it's still enough that it needs to be an insurance claim.”

"I think we will see some more over the coming weeks I'm sure,” Holmes said.

“Whether they actually admit to what they were doing is another matter."

The Australian car incident follows a single-car collision in Auburn, New York, where the 28-year-old male driver admitted to playing Pokémon Go when he crashed his car into a tree.

Authorities have issued warnings to users against the dangers of playing Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle.

Drivers should also consider the financial consequences of a Pokémon Go-related car incident, like losing their claim bonus and paying more in car insurance premiums, said Mozo.

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