Queensland Police embrace GB’s Gentle Bear program

Queensland Police embrace GB’s Gentle Bear program | Insurance Business

Queensland Police embrace GB’s Gentle Bear program

Gallagher Bassett has expanded its Gentle Bear program into Queensland, to help the Queensland Police deal with children who are experiencing a traumatic situation.

Now on its 11th year, Gentle Bear was designed to serve as an emotional aid for young children who suffer from traumatic events, such as serious traffic accidents and domestic violence. It is distributed to police and emergency service providers to be carried in their vehicles and handed out to children in need of comfort in a difficult time in their lives.

“The Gentle Bear program is a fantastic initiative and we’re honoured that so many emergency service providers have embraced the program, most recently Queensland Police,” said John McNamara, GB Australia CEO.

With Gentle Bears also being donated to Victoria Police, South Australia Police, the Northern Territory Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Services and NSQ Police, through the Em’s Friends Trauma Teddies Program, GB’s Gentle Bears are now being provided to police agencies in every location in Australia where GB operates.