Revealed – Australia's elite insurance brokers for 2022

Revealed – Australia's elite insurance brokers for 2022 | Insurance Business Australia

Revealed – Australia's elite insurance brokers for 2022

Brokers are the matchmakers of the insurance industry, working on behalf of their clients to find the best policies in a crowded insurer marketplace. Now, Insurance Business Australia has identified the Elite Brokers for 2022, who have stood out for their resilience in overcoming the unprecedented challenges and the hard market conditions of the past year.

IB identified this year’s 25 Elite Brokers across Australia by ranking the best-performing insurance brokers in the country – and not only those with the biggest portfolios or the largest number of clients. The criteria included the number of policies written, total revenue, revenue per policy, new clients, total new client revenue, and revenue per new client.

The IB team required brokers to send their information and details of a contact who could verify those figures, with each broker ranked under each criteria. Afterwards, the team calculated the sum of the brokers’ rankings to determine their final placement on the list.

Some of the Elite Brokers on the list are:

You may see the rest of IB’s Elite Brokers list by reading the Elite Brokers 2022 report.