Rising temperatures could lead to more Aussie disasters

Rising temperatures could lead to more Aussie disasters | Insurance Business

Rising temperatures could lead to more Aussie disasters
Rising temperatures both at home and abroad could lead to an increased risk of storms and flash flooding, according to a new study.

The work, released by civil engineers from the University of New south Wales in scientific journal Nature Geoscience, reveals that rising temperatures up the risk of flash flooding in Australia from larger storms and downpours of rain.

The report states that “more intense peak precipitation and weaker precipitation during less intense times – is found at higher temperatures, regardless of the climatic region and season,” as Australia could face more storms like the ones that rocked New South Wales and Queensland earlier this year.

"These more intense patterns are leading to more destructive storms, which can significantly influence the severity of flood flows," lead author Conrad Wasko told News24.

The risk of flash flooding is also on the rise alongside temperatures, as warmer climates that lead to heavy downpours could see flooding as a major future risk for many parts of the country.

“We suggest invigorating storm dynamics could be associated with the warming temperatures expected over the course of the twenty-first century, which could lead to increases in the magnitude and frequency of short-duration floods,” the report notes.

Wasko continued that as rising temperatures are a global issue, it may not just be Australian that sees its flood and storm risk rasied thanks to an increase in temperatures.

"The climate zones we studied in Australia are representative of most global climates, so it's very likely these same trends will be observed around the world."

The report comes as a leading international consulting firms warned the business community of the impact climate change is likely to have on investments.