Scott Winton Insurance Brokers: 5th Top Brokerage of 2014

Scott Winton Insurance Brokers: 5th Top Brokerage of 2014 | Insurance Business

Scott Winton Insurance Brokers: 5th Top Brokerage of 2014
Scott Winton Insurance Brokers
Last years’ ranking: 8

RON TATARKA, managing director

What’s your reaction to making the Top 10 Brokerages list in 2014?
I am honoured, excited and extremely humbled to be recognised as one of the Top 10 Brokerages for the third year running. It serves to reaffirm our ‘people before profit’ approach and our genuine commitment to our valued clients and their individual needs.
What is one thing you did differently this year, and why?
This year was all about deepening our expertise and promoting value to our clients by improving the quality of our service and adding value to the industry as a whole. This involved focusing on the development of our staff, in particular increasing their product knowledge, as well as demonstrating innovation through a number of new initiatives and schemes and creating tailor-made policies to suit the specific needs of different industries. We also made contact with past clients, offering to requote their business.
Are there any metrics that you are particularly proud of?
The increase in revenue from our sales team, as well as the whole team’s general commitment and continuous drive towards obtaining new business. This past year we were able to not only retain existing clients [but] substantially increase our client portfolio as well as increase referrals from existing clients.
What was your biggest challenge last year?
The increasingly competitive market made this a tough year. We had to work a lot harder to retain customer loyalty.
Is there something the insurance industry needs to change to better service clients?
We need to improve the standing of brokers in the public mind ... find innovative ways to stress the benefits and importance of using a broker.