Should you hire a friend?

Should you hire a friend? | Insurance Business

 Should you hire a friend?
Naturally, anyone who recommends a person for a job in their company will have additional insight or company-specific knowledge that may not be in the public domain.
As to whether the recommended candidate gains an unfair leg-up, a selection criteria should eliminate any personal bias and ensure that the victorious candidate is appointed based on their ability, not their connections, says Marnie Ashe, head of consulting and HR representative for Reload Consulting.
“If the person making the hiring decision knows the candidate, then having two or more people involved in interviews and the selection process will allow for [fair] evaluations,” she added.
“You will be the one dealing with the ramifications if the staff member isn’t the right cultural fit for the organisation, or doesn’t have the skills or experience to perform in the role.”
The ramifications could be as simple as a few tense conversations, or as significant as the end of your friendship – or, your reputation in ruins at work over a bad hire.