SRG Group’s response to COVID-19 threat

SRG Group’s response to COVID-19 threat | Insurance Business

SRG Group’s response to COVID-19 threat

SRG Group, a corporate, business insurance, broking and claims management firm, has announced a range of measures to help its clients navigate their insurance needs as the COVID-19 situation develops.

In response to the pandemic, SRG is now offering flexible payment solutions. Clients may avail of premium funding solutions to allow monthly instalments at discounted rates, freeze periods on monthly installments to allow some respite in the short-term, and extended credit terms for BPay payments.

For clients who may have excessive insurance due to the economic downturn, they can request for a review of any of their insurance policies that may be affected by the reduction in wages, turnover, or assets and seek premium reductions where possible.

SRG also said its dedicated claims team is focused on helping clients receive express payments from insurers to help with their cash flow. A SRG claims specialist will contact the claimant to obtain the information required to help express their claims.​