Time to suit up: But none of that boring black or white business

Time to suit up: But none of that boring black or white business | Insurance Business

Time to suit up: But none of that boring black or white business
It’s a New Year so why not make it a new you? Ditch the usual greys and blacks of business attire and jump outside the box in 2015 with these fashion tips.
We spoke to Craig Langstone, a highly respected partner at New Zealand’s foremost litigation specialist Jones Fee, about making fashion fun.
Known for his quirky yet stylish and colourful suits, Langstone’s attire has long been admired.
He gives us his top tips below:
The balance between dressing professionally and yet managing to show your personality is easily achieved.  A well fitted suit will get you anywhere (particularly when worn with a tie) so express yourself with the suit fabric.

“My favourite jacket is from Strangely Normal and made of velvet.  It somehow changes hue in the evening lights and is as comfortable as your favourite old dressing gown. Not only that but I have never worn it and not had people (both men and women) come up and stroke it!
“Remember, a dash of colour here and there won't kill you (although avoid lead based paints).”
Top Five Fashion Tips
1.  Never wear a plain shirt with a vividly striped suit - always wear a strongly striped shirt or if you're a real rebel, a loudly checked shirt.
2.  Stripes are your friends!  Striped suit, striped shirt, striped tie, striped socks and striped undies, the more the merrier -  and all together - then there's a chance that something might match!
3.  When appearing in Court you want to feel bold and brave - go commando.
4.  Plastic and vinyl are fabrics for the bedroom - not the office.
5.  If in doubt, ask your wife.  My wife doesn't think I doubt myself often enough!
The Worst Fashion Faux Pas
1.  Never, NEVER, no matter how intoxicated, undo your shirt buttons (or heaven forbid - remove your shirt) and then dance "sexy".
2.  Crocs.  Enough said.”