Top five resolutions for small business in 2014

Top five resolutions for small business in 2014 | Insurance Business

Top five resolutions for small business in 2014
As you wade through the masses of emails and work you’ve accumulated after the festive period, it’s easy to get bogged down with administration – but a few simple changes can make your life easier and improve the way you do business. 

Some resolutions can prove difficult to keep, however SurePayroll has come up with five steps SMEs can take to streamline their business:

1.      Find more time: The more time you have to focus on your customers, the more successful you’ll be. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what you’re good at. Find support in areas that you’re not. For example, if administrative functions like payroll aren’t your forte – find easy, affordable, online solutions that will lift that burden.

2.      Be more social. Identify and actively engage in a few social media sites that appeal to target customers. Track analytics, seek influencers and join conversations, and spend time listening to your target market. Social conversations happen every second. Start small.

3.      Simplify your operations: Automate systems and avoid redundancies. Build a toolbox to support the back-end operation. Technology helps with mundane tasks. Seek out tools to organise business processes: scheduling, inventory, accounts receivable, business expenses, HR and employee processes, payroll and more. 

4.      Improve your customer service: Getting a customer is important, but retaining a customer is critical. Return customers can become brand ambassadors. Word of mouth is a valuable marketing tool. Know your customer. Take time to build relationships and seek feedback. Quick online surveys to assess customer experiences are easily available.

5.      Prepare for challenges: As an entrepreneur, there are many unforeseen obstacles. Find the right consultants to help build, sustain and grow your business. The right accountant and attorney can save you time, money and headaches. 

 “Whether your business has been around for decades or you’re new to the market, knowledge is power,” said SurePayroll CEO and president Michael Alter.  “In 2014, look online for affordable options to streamline operations. Investing the time to plan now will pay dividends later.”