Top insurer Vero announces ‘Aussie first’ technology

Top insurer Vero announces ‘Aussie first’ technology | Insurance Business

Top insurer Vero announces ‘Aussie first’ technology
Vero has announced the launch of Australia-first technology designed to help brokers and consumers deal with fleet and motor repairs.

The insurer has released AudaNet, vehicle assessment technology developed by Solera, which is a cloud-based system that uses the latest information on manufacturer times and methods to determine accurate repair estimate.

The technology is being rolled out to all Suncorp-certified repairer’s across the country and will see customers have their vehicles assessed directly at the repairer’s premises rather than first using a RepairLink site for assessment.

Matt Pearson, executive general manager of commercial claims at Suncorp Commercial Insurance, said that the new technology will help brokers adapt to the changing needs of their fleet and motor customers.

“Vehicles are increasingly becoming more complex and technologically advanced,” Pearson said.

“Customers and brokers expect that insurers and repairers are able to adapt to these changes and continue to provide a high-quality repair process.”

Pearson noted that the importance of vehicles and fleets is obvious to many businesses and the new technology will help decrease turnaround and repair times.

“Businesses can’t afford to have vehicles off the road for too long, so it’s critical that repairs and claims are finalised as quickly as possible. This initiative is another example of Vero taking action to meet customer needs.

“This technology also eliminates the need for customers to go to a RepairLink Assessment centre first, making the repair process much quicker and more efficient. It also means repairers and assessors are freed up to focus on delivering and overseeing safe and high-quality repairs.”

AudaNet will be introduced across the country over the next two months following a successful trial campaign which dealt with more than 20,000 repairs.