Underwriter praises eco solution

Underwriter praises eco solution | Insurance Business

Underwriter praises eco solution
Solution Underwriting have spoken of the benefits of being 100% paperless which they say has allowed them to save time and money, for both themselves and clients, while providing “the best service for brokers.”

The company, which recently opened an office in Sydney, said that the environmentally friendly solution has allowed them to cut costs which can then be passed on to clients.

“We implemented a practical integrated paperless option that not only met our challenges but also helped us realise additional productivity and financial benefits. We were able to access and manage documents from anywhere without the costs associated with traditional print and file storage,” the company said in an email to brokers.

“Although efficiencies in time and broker service were our initial goal, we have experienced considerable financial savings and had significant reduction in our potential environmental impact.”

The company saves 21 tonnes of paper a year which is the equivalent of 504 trees and saves carbon emissions equivalent to a six cylinder car driving 80,000kms.

The paperless option has provided the company with a renewal process which is “faster and easier to track,” whilst brokers “experience speedy turnaround on all client documentation.”