Upskilling staff important amid industry changes

Upskilling staff important amid industry changes

Upskilling staff important amid industry changes Technology changes in the insurance industry will impact the way staff need to be trained, an expert has said.

Meg Brideson, general manager, marketing and insights, at ‎ANZIIF, said that as technology becomes more prevalent in insurance, the industry will need to shift the way things are done.

“These changes will require staff to be upskilled and trained to be more responsive to customers and be able to solve complex problems,” Brideson told Insurance Business. “I believe an opportunity for the industry is to be able to reimagine how insurance can be delivered to customers in a meaningful way.”

Brideson entered the industry as a recruiter having applied for a role unaware that the position was in insurance.

“Had I originally known the role was in the insurance industry, I probably would not have applied as a career in insurance was not something I had ever thought of,” Brideson continued.

Brideson said that from her first day in the industry she knew it was right for her as she was drawn to the fact that insurance helps people get back on their feet.

From there, she became part of the executive team at ANSVAR and worked at the specialist insurer for almost four years before moving into a consultant role and heading back to the industry with Austbrokers in 2013.

Now at industry body ANZIIF, Brideson said that her current role is one of her career highlights as she is working to “reimagine how insurance education can be delivered to market that is both engaging and relevant.”

For the future of the industry, Brideson sees insurance becoming better understood and more accessible for customers.

“The industry will be a healthy one full of collaboration,” Brideson continued. “We work in an industry where external collaboration is, to an extent, unavoidable. This collaboration fosters grander objectives that benefit the entire industry.”

While it may have been a happy accident to fall into the industry, Brideson said that her career in insurance can be summarised in five words.
“Opportunities, breadth, fun, people and meaningful.”

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