Why is Marsh Commercial CEO Anthony Gruppo exiting insurance?

He offers warning and tips to insurance professionals

Why is Marsh Commercial CEO Anthony Gruppo exiting insurance?

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By Roxanne Libatique

There are many reasons why people might quit their jobs. Often, people think there must be a negative force driving that decision – but that wasn’t the case for Marsh Commercial CEO Anthony Gruppo, who recently announced he will step down from his executive role with the brokerage giant and exit the insurance industry.

In a recent Insurance Business Talk podcast, which you can listen to here, Gruppo said he is stepping down not because of burnout or boredom, but because he felt so blessed to have experienced such a fulfilling career.

“I think that reason [leaving the insurance industry] really generated from … I was so blessed in the United Kingdom and Marsh Commercial to have such a tremendous executive counsel,” Gruppo told Insurance Business global managing editor Paul Lucas during an Insurance Business Talk podcast. “When you're blessed with having great people around you, and [can see] the success of how Marsh commercial has grown, you know when it's the right time [to move on].”

Despite choosing to leave the insurance industry, Gruppo clarified that he found the industry exciting. However, he realized that he wanted to share his talent, skills, and experience beyond the industry.

“For example, I've written seven books, and the proceeds from my books go to charity, in particular, [for those with] autism,” he said. “I realized that there are so many organisations that can benefit from our talents, and [there are] opportunities to step into another realm where you can do work with charity, for example, but also engage with some media work and coaching.”

He also revealed that his family was one of the factors that inspired him to step down from his executive role: “When you think about family, too, when you're in a high position of necessary energy, and you are responsible for thousands of people, there's a time when as a husband, father, and a grandfather you want to … share more [quality time] with them.”

Before leaving the industry, Gruppo wanted to emphasise that there is more to life than chasing career titles and he warned insurance professionals not to lose themselves when pursuing their career paths.

“I met a lot of people who say that they almost can't leave [the industry] because often, their identity is wrapped around it … Instead of just doing what they do, they become what they do – and that's not a good situation to be in,” he said.

“[There are] so many people that chase titles in their career. I never chased a title; I chased tougher challenges, and then the titles chase you. And when you do that, it's not about transitioning to retirement. It's a reinvention. And when you reinvent, it's just a continuation of what you started, so it doesn't feel like a big event to me.”

You can find out more about Gruppo's plans, leadership tips, and how he prepared for his departure from Marsh Commercial and the insurance industry, by listening to the podcast here: “Why is this CEO walking away from insurance?

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