XL Catlin boss reveals latest charity effort

XL Catlin boss reveals latest charity effort | Insurance Business Australia

XL Catlin boss reveals latest charity effort
The leader of a major international insurer’s Australian operations will look to scale new heights in his charity efforts as he attempts a 170km non-stop race around Mont-Blanc in the French Alps, with over 10,000m (30,000ft) worth of vertical ascents and descents.

Robin Johnson, country manager of XL Catlin’s Australian operations, will head to the slopes later this year with a 46 hour time limit to complete the epic effort as he attempts to raise $50,000 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

“Like many of us, I’ve lost friends and relatives to cancer, and scarily over the past few years I’ve started to see friends my own age diagnosed with cancer,” Johnson said.

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“We’ve made giant strides in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in recent years, but with better funding the research community will be able to make progress faster, so that none of my friends’ kids have to grow up without a mum or dad.”

Johnson is no stranger to a charity endurance test having completed what has been dubbed the toughest footrace on earth, the Marathon des Sables, through the Sahara last year.

That race saw him cover 257km of the desert in 50°C heat and raise thousands more for charity as he placed 81st out of 1,300 runners.

The Mont Blanc race will take place on September 01 and donations can be made here.

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