Government invests millions to bolster NDIS

Initiative to enhance IT infrastructures

Government invests millions to bolster NDIS

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By Roxanne Libatique

The Australian Government is dedicating $83.9 million in initial funding to enhance the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The financial commitment is part of a broader effort to ensure that funds are allocated to beneficiaries within the system.

How to strengthen NDIS

Allocated to the “Crack Down on Fraud” initiative, the funding aims to strengthen IT infrastructures to protect against fraudulent activities, thereby securing resources for Australians with disabilities who depend on the NDIS.

The allocation will empower the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to implement significant IT upgrades. These include:

  • the creation of a fraud case management system to facilitate collaboration with other enforcement entities;
  • the establishment of advanced IT solutions for more accurate transaction processing with partners; and
  • the refinement of claim processing systems that handle over 400,000 NDIS claims each day.

The program also plans to enhance identity verification processes to bolster user safety and privacy, as well as to update the NDIS mobile app and online user interfaces.

Regaining Australians’ trust

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten highlighted the government’s resolve to realign the NDIS and regain public confidence.

“The Crack Down on Fraud program includes a number of ICT improvements that will be implemented progressively and are designed to make it easier to get it right, and harder to get it wrong for everyone engaging with the scheme,” he said. “This investment is not only about catching criminals who may target Australians living with disability, but also enhancing the systems we have in place to detect and prevent fraud and non-compliant activity.

“The Crack Down on Fraud program represents significant further progress in safeguarding the scheme’s integrity and will not only optimise NDIS resources but will also ensure that honest participants who depend on the scheme can be better supported into the future.”

Shorten also recently revealed the establishment of a new task force to head the NDIS reform.

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