HIF set to update health insurance premiums

Enhanced benefits introduced

HIF set to update health insurance premiums

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By Roxanne Libatique

HIF has announced an upcoming revision to its health insurance premiums, effective from April 1, in response to the increasing costs of delivering premium healthcare services to its members.

As part of its annual review process, common among Australian health insurers, HIF reaffirmed its dedication to keeping premium hikes as minimal as possible, aligning with its mission to prioritise member welfare.

The organisation recognises the current economic challenges and their impact on Australians, underscoring its commitment to ensuring members find substantial value in their private health coverage with HIF.

“We understand cost of living pressures are biting hard for many Australians, and we know this impacts many of our members. It's important to us that our members see value in their private healthcare with HIF,” it said. “We know that having private health insurance helps our members to be seen sooner by medical professionals, with greater choice and better access to treatment options – ultimately helping our members to live healthier lives.”

HIF's new coverage

HIF will introduce unlimited emergency ambulance coverage in all its domestic hospital plans starting April 1. The Vital Options product will also see augmented emergency ambulance benefits.

Earlier this year, HIF boosted benefits across a wide range of general and major dental services, effectively lowering the direct costs for its members when visiting the dentist.

HIF bolsters mental health initiatives

HIF continues to focus on mental wellness by offering its Mental Health Navigator service without additional charges to all members over 18, regardless of their insurance plan. Furthermore, it is exploring the integration of emerging therapies to address chronic mental health issues.

“We are committed to continuing to help our members live healthier lives with the freedom to choose along their health journey. This is our commitment for 2024 and beyond,” the company said.

Notifications regarding the specific changes in premium rates and the introduction of new product features will be dispatched to HIF members starting March 11.

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