icare teams up with water tank manufacturer

Deal aims to set new standards for workplace safety

icare teams up with water tank manufacturer

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By Roxanne Libatique

icare has joined forces with Kingspan, a producer of water tanks, to support employers throughout New South Wales (NSW) in cultivating safer working conditions.

This collaboration is part of the broader Workers’ Compensation scheme efforts.

Preventing workplace injuries

Acknowledging the high-risk factors associated with factory work, including the dangers of falls and the complexities of manual labour, Kingspan initiated an evaluation of its safety protocols. To ensure its safety measures were effective, the company engaged with icare’s injury prevention specialists for expert advice.

The guidance from icare’s team led to the implementation of risk management strategies within Kingspan’s operations. These measures are designed to significantly lower the risk of injuries among factory workers, highlighting the importance of proactive safety management.

Sebastien Broomham, head of safety, quality, and compliance at Kingspan, shed light on the company’s strategy.

“Safety should be managed in a simplistic approach. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the right outcome,” he said. “We consult with our teams, and we look for the most suitable solution. Generally, that comes from the shop floor, from one of our employees.”

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