MetLife unveils new tool to boost employee health

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MetLife unveils new tool to boost employee health

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By Roxanne Libatique

MetLife Australia has introduced a corporate impact calculator aimed at highlighting the advantages of its 360Health program,  which focuses on enhancing employee health and reducing absenteeism.

The 360Health program provides a tailored approach to health and wellness, including mental health support, access to medical specialists, virtual health services, and early intervention strategies to expedite recovery.

Employees in Australia consider health and wellness programs important

A recent MetLife employee benefits trends study found that 82% of employees consider health and wellness programs important, while 74% believe these initiatives improve their work productivity. However, only 48% of employees feel their employers offer adequate health and wellbeing support.

The 360Health program is accessible at no additional cost to MetLife-insured employees and their families, aiming to enhance physical, mental, and financial wellbeing, and improve productivity and engagement in the workplace.

MetLife’s new corporate impact calculator for 360Health program

The newly launched corporate impact calculator allows employers to estimate the financial benefits of health interventions provided through the 360Health program. These estimates consider factors such as absenteeism, presenteeism, medical expenses, and employee retention.

“At MetLife, we believe that employee health and wellness is not just about personal wellbeing; it’s also a business imperative,” said Lina Saliba, MetLife chief customer and marketing officer.

“Our 360Health program is designed to help employers and employees achieve their health and wellness goals, and to create a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. Our new corporate impact calculator is a powerful tool that shows the estimated value of 360Health for employers, and how engagement can benefit both the employer and the employee.”

MetLife noted that the calculator’s results are based on data provided by employers and hypothetical scenarios. Therefore, the accuracy of these outcomes cannot be guaranteed, and actual benefits may vary over time. Various factors, including human behaviour, can significantly influence the results.

“The results generated by the impact calculator are estimates only and should not be relied upon. Users of the impact calculator should make their own enquiries,” it said.

Aside from launching a new tool for its program, MetLife recently granted First Nations Foundation (FNF), an Indigenous-led organisation dedicated to enhancing the economic prosperity of Indigenous Australians, with $155,000 to boost Indigenous women’s financial literacy.

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