New partnership aims to revolutionise travel insurance in Australia

Collaboration claimed to align coverage with travellers' specific journey requirements

New partnership aims to revolutionise travel insurance in Australia


By Roxanne Libatique

Travel insurer battleface has teamed up with

This collaboration aims to offer Australian travellers enhanced coverage options, marked by flexibility and tailored to individual travel plans, leveraging battleface's advanced modular API technology.

battleface, which entered the Australian market in 2023, caters to a diverse clientele in Australia, as well as in other major markets, including the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada.

What to expect from the partnership

This new alliance enables clients of to personalise their travel insurance to match their specific journey requirements, ensuring a coverage that aligns with their intended destinations and activities. The partnership aims to simplify the insurance selection process, offering consumers a more tailored and flexible choice for securing their travel needs.

battleface managing director Matt McLellan expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with, which is affiliated with the Steadfast Group.

“We are delighted to welcome as our new partner,” he said. “We know that we can ensure exceptional customer experiences and personalised travel insurance solutions, which will evolve their offering even further in 2024. With this partnership, we're excited to extend our modular insurance products to customers, providing them with the peace of mind they deserve during their travels.”

“Our partnership with battleface is all about innovation and delivering highly flexible and customisable travel insurance with a focus on ease and efficiency,” said CEO Dominique Requin. “At, we have a team of experts who truly understand insurance, and we firmly believe that battleface is a perfect fit for us. Their strategies, values, and insurance offerings align closely with our own business strategy. With their flexible travel options, customers can easily customise their insurance coverage to meet their specific needs. This makes the partnership between and battleface a perfect match,” he said.

The partnership heralds a suite of standard benefits, including comprehensive coverage for trip cancellations up to $40,000 per individual, personal liability up to $2.5 million, and unlimited emergency medical and additional expenses for treatments extending up to a year. battleface also brings to the table robust in-house claims management, round-the-clock emergency support, and customer service facilitated by Robin Assist.

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