Tanya Kliese

Tanya Kliese

Business development manager and liability underwriter, Victoria

Tanya Kliese’s dual role involves developing and maintaining relationships with Victorian brokers, as well as providing liability quotes as requested. Kliese is currently President of the Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS) committee in Victoria, participated in the 2015 Ron Shorter Memorial Public Speaking Awards, and was recently announced as High Street Underwriting’s 2015 sales person of the year. While she’s been with the company for less than a year, her colleagues report that she’s been able to autonomously develop and grow its Victorian business and has made significant inroads within the market. Through her YIPS role, Kliese enjoys connecting young people with other like-minded professionals and is passionate about encouraging their development and growth. Kliese hopes she’ll be able to progress to a semi-executive position within High Street Underwriting, and have the opportunity to demonstrate her ability to both strategise and lead.

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  • High Street Underwriting Agency
  • PO Box 7174, Brendale Qld 4500

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