Pat Regan, Group CEO, QBE

Pat Regan, Group CEO, QBE

Group CEO

After fi ve years leading QBE, John Neal recently stepped down and was replaced by Pat Regan. Regan joined QBE in June 2014, having previously been Londonbased CFO of Aviva. More recently, he was CEO of QBE’s Australian and New Zealand Operations (ANZO), having replaced Tim Plant in that role in August 2016. Last September, when Regan’s appointment as group CEO was announced, Marty Becker, QBE’s group chairman, said Regan’s turnaround of ANZO highlighted his operational skills and business acumen.

Speaking at an event at last year’s Dive In Festival in Sydney, Regan talked about the insurer’s commitment to creating and maintaining a team and culture that is rich in diversity and practising inclusion.

There’s also interesting movement on foot in QBE Ventures, the group’s venture capital arm. The fact that funds had been set aside for insurtech investments by the group was well publicised last year. In late October, QBE Ventures announced a partnership with RiskGenius, a machine learning platform for analysing policy wordings; and then, in December, its partnership with start-up Cytora was announced. What further insurtech partnerships may be on the cards for QBE, and how will its staff , broker partners and insureds benefit from the technology it will ultimately be able to deploy as a result?

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