Prue Willsford, CEO, ANZIIF

Prue Willsford, CEO, ANZIIF

Prue Willsford, CEO, ANZIIF

A regular fixture on the Insurance Business Hot List, Prue Willsford remains one to watch in 2019 as she sits at the helm of ANZIIF, the Asia-Pacific region’s leading education, training and professional development organisation for insurance and finance.

The professional association has been ramping up its efforts to engage the insurance community over the past year, including launching the inaugural Bright Light Award to give individuals and teams working in the claims space a platform to showcase ideas that have the potential to shape and benefit the general insurance industry.

“ANZIIF has a long history,” Willsford says, “but we stay relevant today by being a trusted partner with a deep understanding of the issues facing the insurance industry.”

Willsford has also been speaking out on key issues such as presenteeism and career dissatisfaction. At the Steadfast Convention in April, she outlined how instilling a learning-based environment can not only attract new employees and satisfy their need for personal and professional progression, but also ensure businesses are equipped for the future.

“Great insurance brokers don’t fall out of the tree fully formed; we have to make them,” she said, “and making them is a long-term play, and ultimately that comes down to your leadership as leaders in businesses and leaders of people.”

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