Mathew Skinner, CHU

Mathew Skinner, CHU

Senior claims consultant


Age: 29

The year and a half he’s spent working in claims has made Mathew Skinner realise that this is his ideal career path. Skinner has a genuine passion and drive to be the best he can for his fellow claims consultants and their clients, and he has his eye on a managerial or leadership role as a way to bring about real changes in the claims space to keep it relevant in an ever-evolving insurance market.

His advice to other young insurance professionals? Never be afraid to ask questions. “Early in my career, I shied away from seeking help from fellow employees, but this limited my ability to learn and develop as an insurance professional,” Skinner says. “I quickly learned that asking questions of those around you will, at the least, give you a different perspective on a situation [and] will ultimately allow you to grow and educate yourself on many different insurance topics and challenges.”