Driving better software solutions for motor and property

At the recent Insurance Business Awards, the insurtech Stelvio won an IB Excellence Award for Best Service Provider. In this episode of Insurance Business TV, Stelvio Australia’s general manager, Yannick Giguère, provides insights into industry leading software solutions in the motor and property insurance and repair management spaces.

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Daniel: Hello and welcome to Insurance Business TV. I'm Danny Wood, news editor of Insurance Business Australia. Today, I'm joined by Yannick Giguere, general manager of Stelvio Australia. Stelvio provide insurer tech products to the insurance and motor repair management markets. And earlier this year, our judging panel for the Insurance Business Awards selected Stelvio out of many nominations as a winner of an IB Excellence Award for Best Service Provider. Yannick Congratulations and thanks for joining us.

Yannick: Thank you. Thanks for having me. Happy to be here.

Daniel: Pleasure. Yeah. Good. Good to have you here. So, one of your main products is EstImage motor. What is it exactly? And what does it do?

Yannick: So EstImage motor is has been our flagship product for a long time Now. We diversify, and now we do. We cover the whole general insurance. We do property and motor. So it's a similar idea for both motor and property. So it's part of the EstImage suite of product. So it serves organizations involved in the assessing and repairs processes. So we're talking about insurers, brokers, assessors, repairs, self insured fleets as well. Anyone who's involved into the assessing and repairs process. So when I talked about repairs, it starts with the triage of the job. Well, sometimes even the enlargement, but the triage of the job allocating to the appropriate supplier coding, assessing, authorizing the repairs and invoicing. So everything that happens after the claim is lodged and the claim staff is under job, everything that is about repairs is done through EstImage.

Daniel: In the past you've talked about how your platform like EstImage is flexible and configurable. What does that mean in practice?

Yannick: So I'll start with a higher level. So at a higher level, I'm saying that it's an EstImage suite of products because it's different products that can work together. So we have our main two, EstImage motor and EstImage property, but then we have an ecosystem of supporting products. For example, EstImage Connect, which is can be used for virtual inspection. So as a client, you can use EstImage connect as a standalone application or you can use it in as part of a full motor or property solution. So you can adapt the use of the product depending of depending on your processes. And at different step, like for example, you can use connect at the beginning, but then later on the process you use connect with motor. The good thing as well is so if I again use connect but is also a product just like reporting, it's, they allow to address a specific function and they for both motor and property so you don't have to use two virtual inspection application. You just use a single one connect and then you can use it for other property. But then of course if you do motor claims, it's a smart motor. So that flexibility allows an organization's to really use the proper product and a good application at the good time. So that's more at the high level, higher level. Now at the application level, each product share the same DNA. So when we we build a EstImage property, for example, two years ago we made sure it would align with all the configurable features of EstImage Motor. So, for example, the ability to customize fields label dropdown using the client terminology that simplifies, makes the user's life easier, but also simplifies a lot training so they don't have to learn a new terminology. It's the same thing as they use already customizable work. So that's again is available in all products. So user can have their own dashboard of of what day of tasks and what they have to monitor and what they have to do. Automatic allocation of suppliers and assessors, white labeling for documentation and communication again. So this is in all our products. So what's great with that is that the product adapts to the client's needs, and this is at no additional fee, again, because it's kind of it's part of it, right? It's part of how it works. So, yeah, that's it. It's pretty. It really is. Our first iteration 20 years ago. Was configurable and we've kept we've made sure that all our products would always be flexible because that's what clients love about what we do.

Daniel: In some ways it answers the next question. But you've won this award because you're a best service provider. What do you see as some of the things that make you so good at providing this sort of service?

Yannick: While I love talking about the technology and the software, I think what makes us so good. Well, yeah, I'm not humble, but yeah, it is. The team we've built and the way we collaborate with our clients so that they get the best outcome out of our product and not just as inception. So, but for all the duration of our relationship. So we really establish a relationship where they can easily reach us when there's anything and then we discuss and we work together to, to understand their challenges and finding solutions. So we're very proud of our customer experience and proud to say that on average, our client advisor client base I'm sorry, has been with us for more than ten years. So for me, that speaks about how we work with our client.

Daniel: What do you say is some of the challenges in the motor claims space and how have you improved the way you work to deal with those challenges?

Yannick: There's lots of challenges, but the first two that come well, the first one that comes to my mind at the moment is severe catastrophes happening more often. So this is a challenge for the insurance industry, but also staffing issue. It's hard to find good people at the moment. So that led us to improve automation within our software product. So to do more with less people. So that's to help address the staffing issue. And also if there's a catastrophe, you want to make sure that your processes are efficient so that you can provide the best customer service to your yet the best service to your customer. So automation helps with that. It cuts off delays, delays. Another challenge I would say is data. So access to that and under the high self, of course. So a few years ago, not many people were really focused on data. Nowadays, with the increasing needs to control costs, to increase process efficiency and making sure that again, your customers are well served, data is paramount. So we've made sure that all our products capture all the data possible at a very granular, granular level. And then this data can be used for traditional reports that we provide or also for advanced business analysis and machine learning.  So there's insurance companies, they now they consume and they need a lot of data. So what we make sure is that we can provide all that data to them as part of our offering and products.

Daniel: That's a granular level of data you talk about is no doubt very useful to insurance brokers. What else do you offer insurance brokers?

Yannick: Insurance brokers. They provide expert advises to their clients. Right. And they look after the insurance detail and including the claims. And that's where we we fit. So what we make sure is, so EstImage, what it does. It empowers brokers with the relevant information they receive it. Whereas it happens, right again, no delay. And that allows brokers to to service their clients better to make sure that the clients are informed without delay, again, in a timely fashion. So we have lots of different mechanisms for brokers to either access the system and have the information or for the system to notify the brokers, either via SMS, email or different means of the different stages of the claim.

Daniel: Well, Yannick, once again, congratulations on winning your best service provider award and thanks for chatting on Insurance Business TV.

Yannick: Thank you very much.

Daniel: And Yannick Giguere is general manager of Stelvio Australia. Bye for now.