Revealed – how indemnity is assessed

Revealed – how indemnity is assessed

For insurance brokers, it’s vital to understand why insurers offer the level of coverage they do. However, the prospect of assessing coverage under a general insurance policy is a daunting task – there’s so much fine print and so many legal elements to attempt to get your head around. Then, of course, it’s your job to explain these elements in a straightforward manner to your clients so they can understand their coverage and why they’re being charged a certain premium.

Thankfully, ProRisk has introduced a new whitepaper, available for free download, that is designed to demystify this issue. It outlines a logical process brokers can use to analyse an indemnity position, making life much easier.

Among the features of the whitepaper are how to review:

  • The insuring clause
  • Extensions of cover
  • Exclusion clauses
  • Defined terms and endorsements
  • Any relevant laws

Simply put, this whitepaper makes your job easier in 10 simple steps. Fill out the form on the right for your free download today.