Ryan Mulder
Quantum F&G Limited

Ryan Mulder, Commercial Insurance Adviser

Ryan Mulder

Commercial Insurance Adviser
Quantum F&G Limited

 14 Knox street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton
 022 0800 747
 [email protected]
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'Man on a Mission' - Just one reason why Ryan has secured his spot in our 2021 Young Guns list.

Ryan's passion and drive stems from helping people understand their business risks, whilst removing negative stigmas that sometimes follow the insurance industry. He believes that educating and empowering businesses to make more informed decisions around their insurance cover, enables them to properly connect with their insurer.  

"Insurers are the backbone that supports business growth. If we can successfully work alongside our insurance partners, we will be able to develop a stronger and more meaningful business relationship".

To do this, Ryan brings his back-to-basics approach, which enables his clients to easily understand what they are paying for, and how their insurance will work in certain business scenarios.

"The more my clients understand their risk in business, the more we can secure the longevity of their future. My role is to educate in such a way that allows me not to bore, but to enlighten and aid in business growth".

Working in one of New Zealand's Top Insurance Groups, Ryan provides comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions. Ryan has the ability to obtain terms on even the most difficult to place risks, with a selection of over 30 insurers, both locally and internationally. His ability to connect with his clients helps forge strong relationships with influential names throughout the business sector. Ryan's advantage is his ability to listen, then provide the service and value that a business is expecting. He is able to adapt and take in new ideas which helps him to service his clients in such a way, which exceeds industry expectations.

"It's as much about the business, as it is about the owner. The more I learn about a business, the more I can provide a service that compliments. I want to prove that insurance can help reach personal and business goals".

"Building an insurance proposition, is all about providing a product that is suited to specific business need. In some cases, this does not always mean a cheaper premium. Insurance policies are only as good as come claim time. If you can't use it properly, what was the point in paying for it in the first place?"

It has been this mentality that has helped Ryan gain recognition amongst business owners, as an honest and reputable business adviser.