AMI uses virtual reality to educate millennials on home safety

by Mina Martin 10 Mar 2017

AMI uses virtual reality to educate millennials on home safety

With over 3,500 house fires in New Zealand each year, and more people getting injured at home than anywhere else, a Kiwi insurer attempted to help young Cantabrians learn more about home safety using a virtual reality (VR) experience.

AMI is the first New Zealand insurance company to use an interactive VR experience to teach millennials how to identify and address the most common hazards at home.

Young Kiwis had the opportunity to don a VR headset at the Ara Institute of Canterbury on March 09 and experienced a virtual first-person perspective of a typical Kiwi living room. In that virtual space, the user had to navigate against the clock to identify and address 12 household hazards that can harm people or damage property.

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Kevin Hughes, EGM – Consumer AMI, said that many millennials lack awareness of how their everyday actions can significantly reduce the outcomes of house hazards, such as personal injury and fire and water damage.

“Simple actions such as keeping portable heaters at least a metre away from other objects, disposing of worn and frayed power cords, and keeping on top of maintenance tasks helps prevent damage from occurring and keeps Cantabrians out of harm’s way at home,” Hughes said.

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