Broker launches risk information site

Broker launches risk information site | Insurance Business

Broker launches risk information site
Aon has announced the launch of Connect, an online destination created to facilitate and elevate conversations about risk.

The online location will house up-to-the minute content from subject matter experts, delivering industry insights for the evolving risk landscape, and is aimed at both clients and business partners.

Jason Disborough, managing director – global & corporate, Aon Risk Solutions, said the Connect program was launched in order to meet the business community’s appetite for local, industry-specific risk insights and there had been many months of speaking to local organisations in the lead up to its launch.

“Connect is an industry-leading initiative that will allow us to effectively deliver relevant thought-leadership content to local businesses,” he said.

“All materials on Connect will be tailored to assist business leaders in having more meaningful and informed conversations about risk.”

He said this will be done via webinars and small, intimate roundtable events. The site will also host additional content, including news articles, research and industry reports, insurance market updates, and case studies.

In preparation for its launch, Connect has included insights on cyber, extortion, weather risks and hostage crises, with a webinar focused on the learnings drawn from the recent Sydney siege planned in the coming weeks.

It also includes business case studies, and industry reports for a range of sectors including energy, healthcare and construction.

Disborough said Connect, which can be accessed via an online, password protected location, will eventually host contributions from a range of business partners as well as its own risk subject matter experts.

“This is not an exercise in branded marketing,” he said. “Our vision is for Connect to become an online conversation channel for subject matter experts in relation to risk – irrespective of the company they work for – and those who want to find out more information.”

While the site has an Australian slant, a company spokesperson said New Zealand-specific content  was included too.

“[While] Connect has been created to cater for a largely Australian audience, the online destination is still very relevant for the New Zealand market,” the spokesperson said.