Calling all insurance lovers

Calling all insurance lovers | Insurance Business

Calling all insurance lovers
Insurance workers who love their job are being encouraged to share their better work stories under the hashtag #InsuranceRocks to change the often negative rhetoric about the industry.
The movement is being promoted on website and was originally launched to coincide with the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) Society AGM last year.
Insurance blogger and speaker Tony Canas, co-founder of, always adds a humorous slant to his posts, he has serious reasons for building the movement’s momentum.
“Those of us who work in the industry know that insurance is an awesome industry to work in. Unfortunately it’s also a complex industry, and we are misunderstood by the public, especially the younger generations.
“This has caused many people to have a negative impression of the industry.
“We want to encourage every insurance professional who has had a fulfilling career and who loves the industry to make their love public by sharing just how and why #InsuranceRocks.
By reversing the tide and changing the rhetoric about the insurance industry, Canas said, an internet search would yield very different results.
“[We want to] get to the point where a high school or college kid Googles information about working in the industry and finds multitudes of positive and encouraging information. This will help us all to attract the best talent!”
To make it even easier, Canas recommended three different ways of helping to spread the word involving varying degrees of commitment:
  1. Tweeting the reasons you love insurance using the hashtag #InsuranceRocks.
  2. Sharing the article with insurance friends and encouraging them to participate.
  3. Sending your story for their ‘Why I Love Insurance Series’ to be published on the website.