Claimants Reference Group lauds extension of On Sold registration

Claimants Reference Group lauds extension of On Sold registration | Insurance Business New Zealand

Claimants Reference Group lauds extension of On Sold registration

The EQC Claimants Reference Group (CRG) has welcomed the EQC’s approval of its recommendation to extend the registration period for the government’s On Sold programme.

Following EQC’s decision, Canterbury homeowners of on-sold properties now have an extra two months to apply, or until October 14. This applies to homes purchased before August 14, 2019, where owners have discovered unrepaired or missed earthquake damage.

The CRG, which was established in 2018, is composed of claimants and community representative advocates, and the group meets regularly with EQC management to discuss ways to improve EQC’s handling of claims, especially those related to the Christchurch earthquakes.

According to CRG chairperson Ali Jones, the group first raised the issue of extending the On Sold programme earlier this year.

“With the COVID-19 lockdown, as well as the need for homeowners to better understand what they should look for, this extension is welcomed,” she said in a statement.

Jones added that CRG has spoken with a number of structural engineers and a list of “what to look for” should assist On Sold homeowners to undertake a basic check themselves before signing up. She also urged homeowners to register, just to be safe.

“Just because there’s no evidence of the damage, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” she said. “We would recommend homeowners register now; it’s better to be safe than sorry. EQC’s home repair programme managed more than 150,000 different home repairs, which means there could be thousands of On Sold properties needing attention. CRG is encouraging anyone who bought a house before August 14, 2019, to complete the application form on the EQC website now.”

Jones reminded homeowners that they do not need to provide proof of damage at the time of registering with the On Sold programme.