Drone owners urged to contact brokers and check insurance

A broker will know which company can provide the right cover, says expert

Drone owners urged to contact brokers and check insurance

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By Krizzel Canlas

Insurance brokers can expect an uptake in clients looking to get their drones covered – as the flying robots become increasingly popular with individuals and businesses.

NZbrokers spokesman Simon Moss, in a report by NZ Herald, said he recommends people looking to insure their drones go to a broker rather than an insurance company.

Moss explained that drones are new technology and insuring them is different from insuring a model aeroplane. The item may fit into an existing policy, or need a whole new one, and a broker will know which company can provide the correct coverage. He also advised emailing the insurance company and getting an assurance about exactly how loss, damage and third-party liability will be handled.

NZ Herald reported on the case of drone owners Abby and Caleb Kingi. They have had a drone for two years, which is insured for full replacement as part of their business equipment. However, Abby is now thinking of asking her broker whether their drone has the right cover: she’s been told it may be covered if she drops it – but not if it falls out of the sky while in use.

There are a lot of specific rules about drone usage. The Civil Aviation Authority requires drone operators to fly only in daylight, keep within sight, no higher than 120m, and only fly over people and land they have permission from. In most cases, people sticking to the rules will avoid liability for any accident caused, Moss noted. However, regulations are getting tougher and it’s vital owners have an insurance policy that matches these changes.

“It’s just going to get more and more tight,” Caleb told the publication. “You might end up needing a licence to fly one.”


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