Far Out Friday: Dungeons and dragons fans now covered by insurance

Far Out Friday: Dungeons and dragons fans now covered by insurance | Insurance Business New Zealand

Far Out Friday: Dungeons and dragons fans now covered by insurance
Live action role play, the subculture in which players create their own characters and physically act them out, has its own unique hazards. Fortunately these can now be mitigated with the life-giving magic of a solid insurance policy.

Inspired by role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, LARPers draw on fictional genres from realistic modern or historical settings to fantastic or futuristic eras.

And while it’s tempting to write them off as a lunatic fringe, prospective insurers dismiss LARPers at their own folly.

According to the 2014 LARP census, there are thousands of participants throughout the world, and this is more than enough to constitute a legitimate consumer base.

In the US insurers recognise that accidents can happen anytime anywhere and as such are catering to those involved in this subculture.

Whether it’s tripping on your stilts and falling into someone’s Tesla or experiencing problems navigating stairs or taking an Orc’s mock broadsword to the face, many things can go wrong.

However, as Bonnie Bruenderman, a US-based live action role player puts it, many of the dangers role-players encounter come from the most innocuous of places – such as their own costumes.

She says as a lot of LARPing takes place outdoors – such as camping which carries its own risks, there’s also a lot of combat staged with foam weapons or more realistic weapons there’s always the risk of accident or physical injury.

But apart from risks to life and limb LARPers also risk theft. This can be harrowing for those who have invested a lot of time and money in perfecting their costumes and props.

“This stuff is expensive, said Bruednerman. “It’s hundreds of dollars of curated pieces that have been customised, tailored, painted and otherwise altered. Time, blood, sweat and tears go into a good costume.”

Pete Ducich, Head of Product Development for Farmers Insurance in the US said LARPERs can guard against such problems by purchasing property coverage.

However unusual LARPing may appear to an outsider, Bruenderman said they deserve the same goods and services as everyone else – and that goes for insurance too.