Far out Friday: Granddad tattoos insurance website across stomach

by IBO 11 Jul 2014

Far out Friday: Granddad tattoos insurance website across stomach

An impulsive granddad tattooed an insurance company’s quirky website ‘comparethemeerket.com’ across his belly to surprise his six year old granddaughter.

Colin Bonsall and his granddaughter Bethany are big fans of insurance comparison website Compare the Market’s fictional furry creations meerkat Aleksandr Orlov and friends, created as part of an advertising feature.

An already inked-up Bonsall, 59, says he and his granddaughter love the adverts so much, he decided to get the tattoo to make her laugh.

He told the Mirror: “I have lots of other tattoos and so I decided I wanted something different. Bethany absolutely adores the Compare the Market adverts and I love them too.

“We watch them together and Bethany thinks they're hilarious. She often sings along and we're hoping to make a compilation of all the adverts put together so we can watch them all at once.

“I think she'll roll around on the floor laughing when she sees it. I told my son I was getting it before I had it done and he said he'd disown me but he was joking - I hope.”
  • Sarah 11/07/2014 3:03:03 p.m.
    This is hilarious and adorable - lucky granddaughter to have such a cool relationship with her granddad!
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