Far Out Friday: Insurer reveals unlikeliest animal accidents

Far Out Friday: Insurer reveals unlikeliest animal accidents | Insurance Business

Far Out Friday: Insurer reveals unlikeliest animal accidents
It's no surprise that the combination of animals and cars is not always going to be a successful one, but this UK insurer has recorded some downright strange animal encounters in its claims department.

Saga, a car insurer for the over-50’s, has revealed some of the strangest claims it has ever received as animal accidents are responsible for almost $2.1 million worth of damage to the vehicles of over-50’s each year.

Perhaps the strangest case is that of one customer who took a hike around Dartmoor National Park only to return to his car to find 12 horses licking the paint off the car and leaving more than $2,500 worth of damage.

Another unlucky customer took their prized cow to a cattle show in a bid for glory only to have the startled cow uproot the post it was tied to and cause more than $1,700 worth of damage to their car.

One customer thought nothing of a strange noise from the engine of their car as they nipped out to the shops for some milk but little did they know they were harbouring a stowaway.

Upon arrival, a cat darted from the car but managed to mangle the engine to the tune of nearly $8,500.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive of Saga Services, noted that while the claims may seem outlandish, they show the need for proper coverage.

“It seems that just about anything can send a road trip into turmoil and the over 50s have to have their wits about them when they’re in the driver’s seat.

“We understand that some things are out of our customers control and that they can’t predict when they may face low flying ducks or deers darting across the road. But at least with Saga they know they are covered and that our friendly team won’t duck out of helping or set hairs raising as they help get people back on the road as soon as possible.”

Speaking of ducks and deer, one customer on their way to a wedding was confronted by a stag which forced them to slam on their brakes narrowly avoiding an accident.

Unbeknownst to the customer, another stag was hot on the heels and moments later, ploughed into the stationary car causing more than $4, 000 worth of damage.

Finally, one Good Samaritan was driving when they realised a low-flying duck had misjudged the pond and swerved to avoid a feathery disaster.

Sadly, the driver may have missed the duck but drove straight into a stone bridge causing more than $3,000 worth of damage.

Had any close encounters of the animal kind? Or dealt with any clients with an outlandish animal catastrophe? Let us know in the comments below!