Far Out Friday: Now there’s a selfie-driving car!

by Maryvonne Gray 23 Dec 2016

Far Out Friday: Now there’s a selfie-driving car!

We all know how much those Gen-Y’ers love to strike a pose for their latest selfie shot.

Well now they can even satisfy that need while driving the car - Citroen’s new C3 hatchback to be precise.

The ‘funky and feisty’ five-door, five-seater vehicle is expected to especially resonate with the selfie crowd because of its in-built camera system.

It features a forward-facing, high definition, integrated camera just behind the rear view mirror that allows you to take snaps for fun – perfect for the Instagram-obsessed generation.

Even better, the camera has a wide-angle 120-degree view and pictures and videos can be downloaded directly on to a smartphone via an app.

However, car industry reviewers such as the Daily Mail’s Ray Massey have also highlighted the serious intent behind the smartly-pitched gimmick.

The video system is designed to automatically store recorded footage 30 seconds before and 60 seconds after a collision which could then act as evidence in insurance claims, for instance.

And with the rise in popularity of dashboard mounted cameras, it makes sense to have one in-built.

The car, whose futuristic design is aimed to appeal to younger, tech-savvy drivers, also boasts extras including keyless entry and start and blind-spot monitoring.

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