Far Out Friday: Paintball champion triggers unique insurance policy

by IBO 12 Jun 2015

Far Out Friday: Paintball champion triggers unique insurance policy

A paintball enthusiast from the United Kingdom has joined the ranks of strangest insurance policies thanks to a $200,000 cover for his trigger fingers.

Ronnie Hollington, runs Mayhem Paintball in Essex and added his left and right trigger fingers to his insurance policy in a bid to ensure that he can continue his paintball career.

“I added my trigger fingers to the insurance policy because without them my career would be over,” Hollington told News.com.au.

“To me they’re the most essential body part so even the thought of losing them is frightening: without them I can’t do my job.”

Gary Whips, on behalf of W. R. Berkley Insurance, confirmed the policy to News.com.au.

“Ronnie insured his trigger fingers with us as part of his personal accident cover.

“In the event of an accident involving his fingers, Ronnie would receive damages of up to £100,000.”

With nearly $200,000 on his delicate digits, Hollington hopes that his wife, Clare, resists the temptation to cash in quick.

“£100,000 is a lot of money so I’m hoping Clare won’t chop my fingers off to pocket the dough!,” he said.

“I didn’t tell her about it at first and I’d definitely prefer to keep my fingers than be paid the money but knowing they’re insured makes me feel a bit more comfortable.

“The insurance doesn’t make my fingers safer but it’s nice to know I would receive a payout if I lost them.”