Far Out Friday: Pet allergies prompt most insurance claims

by IBO 09 Jan 2015

Far Out Friday: Pet allergies prompt most insurance claims

New York vets say allergies are the number one ailment prompting insurance claims on pet insurance policies today, reports the New York Post.

The rising figures on allergies have replaced otitis and foreign body ingestion, according to a US medical insurance provider for cats and dogs, Trupanion.

Owners are shelling out thousands in costly treatments – but experts say it’s not because pets are getting sicker, rather owners are becoming increasingly neurotic about their furry friends’ health, and their own.

“People are more aware of it for themselves, so they are now more aware for their pets,” said Dr Cindy Bressler, a veterinarian with a house-call service.

Some of the tests include blood tests to determine environmental allergies costing $350-450, causing red skin and itchy spots, skin prick tests to formulate injections costing $500-750, and vaccine injections costing $90 a month.

For more extreme symptoms such as diarrhoea or vomiting, vets recommend an ultrasound at $250-500 to get a picture of the intestines.

Special diets can often cost up to $100 a week to cater for picky pets who cannot tolerate grain, egg, chicken or even beef.

Said one owner: “We could own multiple luxury vehicles for what it costs to feed him, but we have no children and he is my furry baby.”