Far Out Friday: Scary seagull scours shop for insurance

by Maryvonne Gray 19 Aug 2016

Far Out Friday: Scary seagull scours shop for insurance

A Tesco supermarket had to be evacuated and closed after a scavenging seagull flew in and attacked a customer in sleepy Truro, Cornwall in the UK.

The brazen bird evaded capture for an hour leaving shoppers and workers in a flap as they tried to flee in panic, The Sun reported.

One woman who was attacked was left shaken by the incident as the gull had flown right at her face, but fortunately she was left uninjured.

One unnamed Tesco worker, who nearly had the bird fly into her head too, said it had made for a more interesting night at work.

“The seagull incident, I’m not going to lie, was the highlight of my night.

“We don’t get much excitement but we are sorry for any inconvenience it caused.”

Shop workers said it wasn’t the first time seagulls had ruffled feathers at the store, and assumed the bird was scavenging for food.

However, while it did eventually perch on the pet food aisle on a pack of IAMS, it was right next to a sign for pet insurance.

Perhaps it was less a search for scraps, and more a plea for a kind person to take a seagull under their wing.

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