Five Minutes With… Andrew McFetridge, Rosser Underwriting

Five Minutes With… Andrew McFetridge, Rosser Underwriting | Insurance Business

Five Minutes With… Andrew McFetridge, Rosser Underwriting
Why did you get into insurance?
Fresh out of university I applied for a job advertised with State Insurance in Hamilton not really knowing what I was getting into. In my younger years of wisdom I thought this would be a better career option than milking cows on the family farm. Twenty years on I still enjoy working in the industry, and I’m back in Hamilton where it all started.

How would you sum up insurance brokers in three words? 
Valued Business Partners.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever arranged cover for?
Leeches! Strange but true. I helped a client who was breeding leeches for medical purposes, and wanted to insure them as they were worth a lot of money at that time.   

How would you change the industry? 
Develop smart technology solutions to transact niche insurance products on-line for brokers and clients. The banking industry has embraced this technology by revolutionising internet banking, the insurance industry needs to adapt quickly to meet this demand..

What’s the most important thing brokers and insurers can do to improve their relationship?
Trust. Full disclosure and being transparent so that the client’s expectations are being met.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Never give up on your goals and aspirations. My parents have been great role models and always encouraged me to challenge myself, and give things a go which is the best way to learn from your experiences.

If you were Prime Minister for one day, what would you do?
Introduce tougher laws and more funding to stop child abuse and alleviate child poverty in the home and community.
What has been the highlight of your career?
Becoming a director and shareholder of Rosser Underwriting Ltd. This has re-ignited my passion and enthusiasm to continue growing our company into something special that our team can be really proud of.

What’s your favoured style of coffee?
A good strong cappuccino.

Union, league, soccer or other?
I grew up playing union.

If you could invite three people to dinner, dead or alive, and excluding family and friends, who would they be and why?
Nigella Lawson – for her cooking skills of course. She’s attractive and a smart businesswoman as well;
Nelson Mandela – an amazing individual who is inspirational and humble;
Robin Williams – to provide the music, comedy and entertainment .

Complete this sentence: If I wasn’t in insurance, I would be…
Probably travelling around the world with my family, starting with a trip around NZ to remind us how fortunate we are to be living in this beautiful country...