Industry college runs new BD initiative

Industry college runs new BD initiative | Insurance Business

Industry college runs new BD initiative
The Professional IQ College has started a new opportunity for brokers to work on not just their own business development program but their clients’, too.

College principal, Lesley Southwick, said this is the newest area the college has begun work on and involves business development and business management.

Speaking directly to brokers she said: “You can bring your clients along and we can work with them to develop their business as your client.

“So you introduce them to us and we then help develop them. This provides an added value as a broker particularly for the broking service that they provide to their clients.”

She added that the service was available to any small business no matter where they come from.

Southwick discusses other ways in which the Professional IQ College can help brokers on Insurance Business TV this week.

She covers ways in which brokers can stay relevant and get the latest information on insurance products in order to give a better service to clients and beat off competition such as direct insurers.

The College rebranded a year ago from its old brand of IBANZ college in order to reflect it attracts a broader range of financial advisers, not just insurance brokers.

For more information about what the Professional IQ College can do for brokers watch Insurance Business TV here.