Industry responds to ‘girls’ club’

Industry responds to ‘girls’ club’ | Insurance Business New Zealand

Industry responds to ‘girls’ club’
The launch of the Not The Boys Club (NTBC) last week prompted quite a stir in the industry and a string of responses to be posted on the Insurance Business comments board.

One of the triggers for the formation of NTBC was the male-oriented networking on the golf course or choice of venue including strip clubs for after work socialising.

The group’s founder members felt some women could feel uncomfortable in such a scenario so wanted to provide an alternative.

However, responses from various men ranged widely.

Some expressed surprise that strip clubs were even frequented by men in the industry: “Are these women still in the eighties? More likely to end up at home with a cup of cocoa these days…” said ‘Buster’.

‘A Boy’ wrote: “Stripclub? Sure, we may joke about it, but really, we are going to go to a bar, or go home.”

Someone calling himself ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ provocatively wrote: “What’s wrong with strip clubs?”

And ‘Boomer’ braved female wrath with his comment: “I remember when the sheilas knew their place.”

He later admitted he was testing to see if NTBC really did have the sense of humour they had professed to have and bowed out when one of the founder members threatened to take him to a strip club if it would persuade him to join. He said his pacemaker wouldn’t be able to stand the excitement.

‘A Boy’ volunteered to take his place instead!

One woman wondered if there would be a huge outcry if the guys set up a Not The Girls Club implying the NTBC was being just as bad.

But another responded to her saying: “I agree there would be an outcry if the boys officially set up a NTGC, however, it has been an unofficial club for years!

“Just observe their behaviour more closely, they congregate more often, and while doing so they network, doing deals, plot takeovers, secure their next roles, and so on and so forth.

“It works and it’s great! For all the things that we women bring to this industry, this is one area the men have it over us, we are not as adept at this as they are.”

She continued: “We don’t support each other as well, maybe because as individuals we are so focussed on achieving a level of status for ourselves, and we often feel guilty when simply ‘socialising’ if there is no justifiable reason to do so – the men do not suffer this same affliction!

“It’s telling that we need to set up a club to achieve what comes so naturally to men! The men of our industry should take it as a compliment!”

She added: “Go for it ladies, provided this never turns into a male bashing club you have my support.”

And on a more serious not Boomer added: “In actual fact, I think the NTB Club is great but the NZ Insurance industry glass ceiling got busted a few years ago now. I guess there’s still a way to go tho.”