Industry’s charitable gesture turns Monty to mush

Sporting legend Monty Betham says an industry golf tournament organised in honour of his charity has filled him with the warm fuzzies

Industry’s charitable gesture turns Monty to mush

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By Maryvonne Gray

Image: Monthy Betham Twitter

When Monty Betham found out just how much effort his mate Muzza had put into organising a fundraising industry golf tournament in his charity’s honour, the legend of league and boxing admits he was overwhelmed.

Betham and Murray McChesney’s friendship goes back a few years now and when McChesney said he wanted the proceeds from the inaugural tournament to go to Betham’s obesity fighting Steps for Life Foundation he was truly touched.

“I didn’t realise how big it actually was initially,” Betham told Insurance Business. “But now seeing what’s involved and meeting the committee, it’s given me warm fuzzy feelings, it’s really humbling.

“We work so hard doing fundraising and for them to join in, it’s so humbling. Time is something you never get back so for them to give their time away for us, it means a lot to us.”

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McChesney, who has rallied together industry professionals from sectors such as legal, loss adjusting and claims, said the date and the location had now been locked in – Friday May 12, 2017, at Auckland’s Akarana Golf Club - and the sponsorship drive was now cranking into top gear.

“The people who are involved are genuinely charitable. We realise we’re not always going to be as fortunate as we are now so let’s pay it forward,” he said.

Of Steps for Life, he added: “Monty involves the families of those that enrol so that helps out a much wider group than the kids themselves.

“This is a very commendable effort and one that deserves our support.”

He added: “The event involves legal firms, the smash repair network, health insurance, life insurance – it’s in the insurance industry’s interest for people to be healthy after all.”

Betham agreed: “Obesity doesn’t discriminate so when people get on board from all walks of life it’s awesome and it makes a huge difference for us.”

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McChesney said the response from the industry so far had been great, and he believed there was a lot of value for the sponsors signing up for this particular golf offering.

“The value is not just great brand placement but an event where insurance, and its associated sectors, can come together for a serious round of golf, plus some fun and prizes.”

Then of course there were the networking opportunities.

“That should be reason enough for any executive to be certain their key people and brand placement find their way into this charity event,” he suggested.

A slight change of format from most traditional golf tournaments is the requirement that every player have their round scored while playing as a team. At the conclusion of play the team will submit their three best cards for a Stableford count, with the highest score winning.

There will be a gala dinner and prize-giving following the 18 holes where attendees will get a chance to meet Monty Betham.

McChesney said his plan was for the charity golf tournament to become a highlight of the industry calendar, with the choice of registered charity for next year going to the winners of this year’s event.

Click here for more details or contact the committee on [email protected].

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