Insurance lawyer turned broker: “no two days are the same”

Insurance lawyer turned broker: “no two days are the same” | Insurance Business New Zealand

Insurance lawyer turned broker: “no two days are the same”

Every insurance broker has a different story about how they entered the broker world – and in former insurance lawyer Anna Parker’s case, it was seeing clients trip over an inadequate insurance policy one too many times.

Parker (pictured) worked as an insurance lawyer for a number of years before becoming a senior broker at Crombie Lockwood, a role which offered the opportunity to help clients make the right policy choices from the get-go. The Insurance Business 2019 Young Gun spoke to Insurance Business about her transition into the broking industry, and how to deal with the unique challenges that the profession throws up.

“Having practiced as an insurance lawyer for some time, I had seen innumerable cases of clients not understanding the value or nuances of their insurance cover in relation to their actual risks,” Parker explained. “Making the move to broking gave me an opportunity to avoid that situation for my clients by advising them from the outset. 

“Once I decided that I wanted to become a broker, choosing the Financial & Professional Risks (FINPRO) team at Crombie Lockwood was easy because they’re a great team of professionals, and because I also had the opportunity to remain involved come claims time; something I am very passionate about.”

Parker says that broking is “truly a people business,” and being able to cultivate and foster relationships with clients is a skill she was hoping to utilise in her broking career. Her background in claims has also proven useful, as she can ensure that clients have the best possible broker, insurer and lawyer support around them at claims time.

“I genuinely enjoy getting to know clients, understanding their business exposures and risks and tailoring specific insurance programmes to them,” Parker said. “No two days are the same - being part of a collaborative, driven team is truly motivating. Targeting new business is also extremely rewarding and I’m lucky to have been involved with some huge wins for our team – that is a great feeling!”

“The biggest challenge has been learning about the world of broking and all its intricacies and subtleties, and doing that in the throes of a hardening market has thrown up even more challenges,” she continued. “You need a powerful problem solving mind and the ability to come up with creative solutions, even when they say it’s impossible. Persistence is key.

“I would like to hope I’ve positioned myself as a role model for young females looking to enter the industry, continuing to strive to improve professionalism and standards and helping to mould the insurance industry’s future.”