Insurer organizes community fundraiser for cancer-stricken family

Fundraiser to help family in long health battle

Insurer organizes community fundraiser for cancer-stricken family

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By Jonalyn Cueto

Insurance company Vive is spearheading a Family Fun Run and Walk Fundraiser to aid Erik Morgan, a cancer patient residing in East Auckland. Erik, alongside his wife Nasreen and their daughters Brianna and Cyra, has been battling cancer for over 16 years, facing numerous medical challenges and financial strains along the way.

According to, Erik’s battle with cancer began in 2008 when he collapsed during a run, prompting emergency surgery that revealed a sizable tumor in his brain. Despite undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, the disease has recurred over the years, affecting his ability to work and plunging the family into financial uncertainty.

Despite their trials, Nasreen and Erik have built a life together and welcomed their daughters into the world. However, the financial burden of Erik’s treatments, compounded by the costs of non-funded medications, posed significant challenges. Despite exhausting all insurance cover and relying on the generosity of relatives, the mounting expenses remained daunting.

Facing the urgent need for treatment costing $32,000 per month, the family turned to online fundraising platforms, where donors rallied behind their cause.

Insurer supporting battle against the disease

In a gesture of support, insurer Vive stepped forward to organize a fundraiser aimed at further assisting the Morgans. Vive initiated a 5km Family Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser scheduled for June 15 at Barry Curtis Park in Flat Bush.

Expressing their solidarity with the Morgan family, Vive emphasized the importance of rallying together during challenging times. The fundraiser aims not only to raise funds but also to foster a sense of community and solidarity.

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