Insurers form part of ‘rollicking’ theatrical tale

Insurers form part of ‘rollicking’ theatrical tale | Insurance Business

Insurers form part of ‘rollicking’ theatrical tale
Life between the Christchurch earthquakes and after the big one forms the backdrop of a new Kiwi play, WOLF, being put on at Wellington’s famous BATS Theatre.

The ‘domestic drama’ is set and written in Christchurch and produced and performed by refugees from the east of the city.

Key to the theme, the play’s promoters said, is trust: “If you can’t trust insurance, the council or the ground you live on, can you trust the people around you?”

Director Sam Fisher said the play was an engaging drama which better communicates what life was really like.

“Post-earthquake existence is a perfect setting for drama but also a great way to explain why you need to be ready,” he said.

Ryan Mead, who plays a fictional EQC inspector, was in Christchurch at the time of the quakes and lived only a few streets away from where the play is set.

He said: “We have to help audiences understand what the ‘new realities’ were.

“Like everyone guessing the size of the quake you’ve just had, and people having to move in with strangers. It was different.”

The play will be performed from 15-24 March with Civil Defence earthquake packs available to audience members each night.