Insurers or brokers – who will win?

Insurers or brokers – who will win? | Insurance Business

Insurers or brokers – who will win?
Seven broking houses and eight insurers are being represented in what is becoming the highlight of the insurance industry’s calendar – the State of Insurance league match.

With the venue changed from Blockhouse Bay to a central Auckland park and the weekday changed from a Wednesday to a Friday afternoon, hundreds are expected to attend the fun event.

The insurer Spartans and the broker Wolfpack teams will face off at Victoria Park on Friday 25th July at 3pm for the entertainment of over 300 fellow industry members and their families.

This year the pressure is on for the broker team to avenge two consecutive losses – will they pull it off?

Organiser Henry Wallace, and Spartans team captain, said the popular event was based on the State of Origin League match and promoted fitness, working together and was fun at the same time.

“This is one insurance event that is not hosted by a single insurer or broker which allows everyone the sense of belongingness and camaraderie that is sometimes amiss at other events.

“An underlying value of this event is to promote the insurance industry as a whole and not to exclude or put any one company above another,” he said.

The clubrooms, bar and kitchen will be open during the game to service the supporters as well as the over 35’s as their game finishes, followed by prize giving and sit down dinner from 6pm which is a ticketed event.

Major sponsors include QBENZIVeroCrombie Lockwood, Indie Loss Adjusting, PSC Connect, Advisernet, The Fox, Jones Fee, Star/Prestige Underwriting, Insureze and minor sponsors are Lumley, IC Frith, DLA Phillips Fox, Mcelroys, Cunningham Lindsey, Crawfords and Bonded NZ.

You can follow updates on the teams’ training and progress on facebook and twitter.