Insurtech InsuredHQ provider reveals three new offerings

Insurtech InsuredHQ provider reveals three new offerings | Insurance Business

Insurtech InsuredHQ provider reveals three new offerings

Insurance management system developer InsuredHQ has revealed three new product packages it has just released to the market which it says reflects its belief that one size does not fit all.

InsuredHQ director Matthew Davies said the big difference with the company’s offerings are the implementation times and costs.

“Everyone in insurance has heard horror stories of software implementations that cost massive sums of money, take years to complete, and then never work as they should,” he said.

“InsuredHQ takes away all of that risk – the set up fees are attractively low; and because InsuredHQ can be set up without any hard coding, coding errors that can lead to implementation failure are completely avoided.”

The three packages they have come up with – Essentials, Retail and Advanced - are for insurers, brokers, agents and managing agents.

InsuredHQ Essentials is for businesses needing a comprehensive policy, client, accounting and claims management platform with full reporting capability; where a client already has a management system but wants the ability to sell insurance online with automated quote, bind, payment and document emailing capability, InsuredHQ Retail is more suitable.

InsuredHQ Advanced combines all the features of both of those packages, plus client/broker portals, phone apps and much more, Davies said.

That included the ability to customise all documents and workflow, as well as to integrate with third party applications to create flexibility and allow innovative ideas to be given life.

Said Davies: “Our aim at InsuredHQ is to give everyone the ability to have state of the art systems.

“And because our products are hosted on Amazon Web Services and IBM virtual servers rather than physical servers, they are completely stable and reliable – we have never had an outage.”

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