Medical emergencies top highest travel claims

Medical emergencies top highest travel claims | Insurance Business

Medical emergencies top highest travel claims
Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) has released its top t10 highest-value claims for 2014 with the highest over $400,000.

They are all medically-related but for the first time are not all attributed to New Zealanders travelling overseas – SCTI’s other travel insurance policies cater for international students, those visiting New Zealand and those living but not a resident, which make up three of the large claims.

1. $405,000 - surgery required for cancer in the USA.
2. $365,000 - air evacuation after a brain bleed and heart attack in North America.
3. $285,000 - blood clot while travelling caused a cardiac arrest on a plane, admitted to hospital in the US.
4. $236,000 - a tourist visiting New Zealand suffered a stroke requiring extensive hospitalisation and rehabilitation and transport to home country by air ambulance.
5. $193,000 - suffered a stroke in Europe, required air ambulance.
6. $177,000 - fell from a roof and fractured several leg bones in the USA.
7. $122,000 - family member of an international student diagnosed with cancer.
8. $120,000 - hit by a motorcycle in South East Asia.
9. $112,000 - heart attack while visiting New Zealand, required surgery and rehabilitation.
10. $105,000 - accidental fall resulting in broken bones in Europe.

SCTI CEO Craig Morrison said not everyone qualified for free treatment on the New Zealand public health system which emphasised the importance of insurance.

“New Zealand District Health Boards are forced to write off millions in debt from patients, mostly overseas visitors who had been treated in the region’s hospitals,” he said, adding that visas aren’t granted for re-entry until the debts are paid.

“This can have long term ramifications for those that want to return or have extended family in New Zealand.”