nib NZ on going beyond fruit bowls and employee barbecues

nib NZ on going beyond fruit bowls and employee barbecues | Insurance Business New Zealand

nib NZ on going beyond fruit bowls and employee barbecues

There’s never been a tougher time for businesses to both retain and hire staff, according to nib New Zealand business development manager Rebekah Blair (pictured), who recently sat down with Insurance Business to talk about its Workplace Wellbeing Survey 2022.

Conducted nationally by the Employers & Manufacturers Association and the Kiwi insurer, the annual poll found that, despite not necessarily being unhappy at work, 25% of employees are looking to change jobs, with key considerations spanning flexible working and career development strategies.

Interestingly, more than half of those who plan to remain loyal are employed by companies described as proactive when it comes to looking after their people. Also, 57% of employees consider health cover as a key benefit.

Blair told Insurance Business: “I think gone are the days of putting the fruit bowl on the table and having an employee barbecue to tick that box… It’s never been harder for businesses to really hold on to key staff and also recruit new ones, so having a really comprehensive employee value proposition has never been more important.

“And some of the findings from the survey said that 65% of people are more likely to stay in a business that’s proactive to their wellbeing, and that’s definitely what we’re seeing.”

It comes as no surprise then that, according to the survey findings, the majority of businesses aim to invest in wellbeing benefits such as fully funded health insurance.

Respondents of the survey included frontline staff, middle management, and senior management across small, medium, and large firms, as well as those in charge of developing human resources policies and procedures.

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