Pinball champion highlights work-life balance at Suncorp

Program enables employees to balance professional aims with personal interests

Pinball champion highlights work-life balance at Suncorp

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By Roxanne Libatique

Danielle Peck (pictured), an insurance graduate at Suncorp New Zealand who recently earned the title of women’s world pinball champion, has highlighted Suncorp’s commitment to allowing its employees to balance professional ambitions with personal interests.

As part of Suncorp’s Graduate Program, Peck (pictured) manages her career in insurance while actively participating in international pinball competitions.

Danielle Peck’s involvement in pinball

Peck’s involvement in pinball began under the guidance of her father, who introduced her to the sport during her childhood and supported her through numerous competitions. Her significant victories include first place at the 2017 Texas Pinball Festival and the 2018 It Never Drains in Southern California tournament. Additionally, she is a two-time winner of the Australasian Women’s Championship (2019, 2022) and holds a high ranking in global standings.

Her latest triumph at the IFPA Women’s World Championship adds to her series of successes in the sport. This accomplishment comes shortly after she expanded her collection of awards, demonstrating her skill in balancing high-level competitive play with her professional responsibilities.

See LinkedIn post here.

Danielle Peck’s work-life balance at Suncorp

Peck’s experiences across Suncorp’s departments, enabled by the company’s graduate program, have broadened her business acumen and helped pinpoint where her strengths lie within the corporate structure, she said.

She claimed that the support from her Suncorp colleagues has been pivotal in her pursuit of pinball excellence, and illustrates the organisation’s culture of supporting individual interests beyond the workplace.

According to Peck, this environment has been crucial for her to engage fully in both her career and her passions.

“[My] colleagues at Suncorp have always been incredibly supportive of my pinball pursuits, genuinely showing an interest in me as a person – not just the value I bring to the workplace. It’s incredibly satisfying to work alongside people who share my professional passions, and who also support my pursuits outside of the workplace,” she said.

Suncorp stated its graduate program is designed not only to advance professional careers but also to nurture personal growth.

“I’m really grateful for the graduate program for giving me a platform to succeed both in accelerating my career, but also allowing me to develop myself outside of work,” Peck said. “What attracted me to Suncorp as a business was a sense that they genuinely care about their people, both employees and customers.”

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